Leicester City England Premier League Outdoor TV Cover Heavy Duty

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Compatible with Certain Size of LCD, LED, Plasma TV of most brand, Fit most wall/ceiling mount and stands.Be sure to MEASURE YOUR TV FIRST to determine the proper cover size.Also you can use it as a monitor cover.
SCRATCH RESISTANT & Bottom Sealed- Soft interior prevents TV screen from scraping. Double Stitched for maximum strength, provides the best protection for your outside television.
HIGH QUALITY AND PREMIUM MATERIAL - Protect your outside TV from the harsh elements, whether it be Wind, Rain, Snow, Dust, etc. Provide 360 degrees protection and extend the life of your outdoor TV.
EASY TO SET UP - High quality industrial Velcro straps are used to fasten in your TV. The REMOTE CONTROL POCKET facilitate storage of your remote control.

How to buy a right size cover for your TV?
Be sure to MEASURE YOUR TV FIRST to determine the proper cover size.

TV width - Measure from the left to the right of the TV (including the frame area around the screen).

TV height - Measure from the top to the bottom of the TV (including the frame area around the screen). if you want to cover the TV stand, measure from the top of TV to the bottom of the stand.

For example, according to the guide blew, if you have an old 40'' TV which is 41''W x 25''H, you should buy the 44''~46'' cover rather than the 40''~43'' cover. If you have a new 40'' TV which is 39''W x 23''H, you should buy the the 40''~43'' cover. We advise you to choose a cover a little bigger but not too much than your TV, then it looks very nicely and is easy for you to put on and take off.

The following table shows the width and height of the various sizes TV cover.
For 22"-24" TV; Cover Size: 24*19*4 inch / 61*48*11cm
For 30"-32" TV; Cover Size: 33*23*5 inch / 86*58*13cm
For 36"-38" TV; Cover Size: 37*24*5 inch / 94*62*13cm
For 40"-42" TV; Cover Size: 42*26.5*5 inch / 106*67*13cm
For 46"-48" TV; Cover Size: 46.5*29*5 inch / 118*74*13cm
For 50"-52" TV; Cover Size: 52*33*5 inch / 132*84*13cm
For 55"-58" TV; Cover Size: 54*35*5 inch / 137*89*13cm
For 60"-65" TV; Cover Size: 58*37*5 inch / 147*94*13cm
For 68"-72" TV; Cover Size: 68*41*6 inch / 172*105*15cm
For 75"-80" TV; Cover Size: 76*45*6 inch / 192*115*15cm
For 85"-90" TV; Cover Size: 81*48*6 inch / 206*123*15cm
For 95"-100" TV; Cover Size: 89*53*6 inch / 226*135*15cm